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The Curiously Local Blog
No deadlines, but I write a short piece for the blog every few days. I write about things that pluck at my shirt sleeve. Other writing: book/article reviews, essays,. and favorite blogs..
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I loved the smell of hypo in the darkroom, but don't miss it. Even without the chemicals, good photos are still hard to make. The Galleries are a slow work in progress.
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For now, nothing on the plate, though much on the table: growing food, storing it, cooking it, eating it and sharing it. Here's a taste of my garden on my youtube channel. This Eating section is fallow for the next few months while I finish editing a movie called The Root of Food.
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& Anything else

Or nothing else, for the time being. Nothing but a curiously loco placeholder.
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Today's Blog

A Thousand Shades of Green: Spring in NH

"Those of us who have been living under winter’s cold, white thumb for the past month sometimes lose all sense of perspective. Harsh winters somehow manage to lock down our feeling for the passage time. We feel trapped in the timeless Now, a place of never-ending ice and snow and cold. Gee, sounds a bit like the plot for a fairy tale, no? But faith in the flow of the seasons evaporates like the sublimation of ice at 20 below. O my god, we will be here forever. But no, friends in cold lands, do not lose faith. Spring will come, as it always has. And lest you’ve forgotten what it looks like, I offer you this memory. A little movie made from the footage I shot at D Acres, a small farm in northern NH."
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